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A Valentine’s Day Gift You Don’t Even Have to Be Awake to Enjoy

Each year, the 14th poses a unique dilemma for couples: will it be the heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates to accompany the V Day bouquet? Or will it be the adorable, stuffed bear cradling an endearing message on a tiny pillow? But here’s an idea — instead of “Be Mine,” why not “be mindful” and give your partner a gift that you both can enjoy: a good night’s sleep!

With 45 percent of adults being occasional snorers and 25 percent being of the habitual variety, I know that some readers can attest to snoring being that pesky, nocturnal buzz saw that can cut through an otherwise harmonious union. Not only can it create frustration and resentment in relationships, but can also take a toll on couple’s sex lives, and, for Valentine’s Day, that’s no good.

Let’s fix that!

Mute is an over-the-counter nasal dilator that combats snoring. It works by correcting nasal valve collapse, giving wearers an instantaneous rush of unobstructed air upon using, and decreasing the reliance on mouth breathing at night — which, consequently, also keeps breath fresh for the morning: an added perk that for you and your partner. After using Mute, 75 percent of wearers reported snoring less and 73 percent of partners reported a decrease in snoring severity.

So, why not spoil your partner for Valentine’s Day and give them something they can enjoy year round? It can be as simple as visiting or your local drug store to purchase Mute, and as the slightly modernized, old saying goes: happy spouse, happy house.

A Valentine’s Day Conversation to Be Had With Your Patients

We tend to highlight appreciation for our romantic partnerships on Valentine’s Day, but as a healthcare professional, it’s also a opportunity to demonstrate appreciation for your patients by asking them, “Is your relationship healthy?”

Unfortunately, a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that more than one-third of its respondents’ relationships were negatively impacted by their partner’s disruptive sleep habits and that 2 in 5 people’s sex lives had been adversely affected because they were too sleepy. Additionally, it’s reported that 90 million Americans are affected by snoring, so it’s reasonable to assume that the sleep disorder is to blame for a good portion of those restless nights.

So what’s a physician to do?

Relief can come from various places. After evaluating patients for commonly associated health concerns like sleep apnea or jaw misalignments, a good long term strategy to combat sleep disorders is recommending activities that can aid in better stress management like exercising regularly or yoga. But for more immediate results, talk to your patients about the benefits of sleep aids like Mute.

Mute is an over-the-counter nasal dilator that prevents nasal collapse, a main cause of snoring, by increasing the diameter of nasal passages and thus improving airflow in the nose. It also reduces the user’s reliance on mouth breathing at night, which, together, can help to reduce or eliminate snoring.

In trials for Mute, 78 percent of patients found breathing at night easier while 75 percent of patients reported snoring less. Partners in 73 percent of cases reported a decrease in snoring severity — no doubt a relief for them and their relationships.

Health doesn’t stop with your patient’s bodies, but rather it encompasses all of their interactions. Help them to strengthen their most central of unions by visiting and recommending Mute.


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