Infuse rudiments of traditional country and bluegrass music with honest lyricism and a playful sensibility, then amplify that with the heartfelt purity that resonates from a truly angelic voice, and you’ve got singer/songwriter Donna Ulisse.

Ulisse is over 20 years removed from the acclaim she first garnered amongst Country music critics following the release of her well received album Trouble at The Door on Atlantic Records in 1991. Her more recent notoriety may be derived from her songwriting credits in the background of the bluegrass scene, or perhaps, the success that her penned prowess has led to in her own right with multiple #1’s on the Bluegrass charts and recognition by the International Bluegrass Music Association as Songwriter of The Year just last year. But now nestled in her home in the Tennessee mountains — the place from which she draws inspiration, and with over two decades of accolades behind her, one thing about Donna Ulisse is certain: she has solidified her spot as a force in bluegrass and mountain music.

Joining the Mountain Home Music family, she is ready to continue that success with her newest album, Breakin’ Easy set to release on September 22, 2017. The twelve track LP unifies traditional bluegrass and country roots with her own forthcoming approach to songwriting to bring out something truly special that fans of either genre are sure to love.

“With a new label and team,” Ulisse says, “I feel free to take a fresh look at my music and career.” And in that glance, she can rest easy knowing that she doesn’t have anything else to prove. To borrow a line from one of the songs on her new album, it’s all about that “back home feeling, again.”


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